90 Days Of Dedicated Action Taking + Money Making

Is this going to be the year of fulfilled dreams?

This live interactive & hands on program is going to zap you into gear with more passion, focus and drive than ever before.

  • Do you wonder how others seem to be moving forward while you're still in the same place?
  • Do you do all the right things and yet STILL don't achieve your goals?
  • Are you always 'busy' with nothing to show for it?
  • Is Hubby over your 'hobby' biz?
  • Are you sick of inconsistent income?
  • Aren't you tired of 'pushing' to make shit happen?

      You’re a woman in business who is sick of pushing, and is feeling an inner calling for something deeper in your business.

      You're here to make money, but you also want something more fulfilling.

      You’re ballsy, but heart-driven, and soul-fuelled - I totally get that.

      I understand what it’s like living in both feminine and masculine worlds.

      You enjoy taking action, but you also enjoy being in the feminine flow, and the two seem to keep conflicting. I totes hear you.

      I know there are things that you really wanted to accomplish this year that you haven't yet. It's eating you up inside because you KNOW that you can get it done.

      The year has only begun, but we're nearly past the first quarter!

      It's only March. There's still time to get it done.

      There's a book to write, a program to create, sales to make, a message to get out there, abs to form...

      If only you had the motivation...
      If only you had the time...
      If only you had the headspace...

      You could get it done.
      Could you?

      You've spent the last year working really hard already, you've been tired more times than you've felt energised. But after all that, you feel like you haven't done anything really. Because you don't have much to show for it.

      You want to feel that ease, that flow, that magic you hear of others experiencing.
      You want that, you really do and I'm going to share the simple solution to pull it all together for you.

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      Love Notes

      Thank you so much for your valuable business insight. I really appreciated your honest and ‘think outside the square’ approach to our business. I felt comfortable with your online retail brand experience and really look forward to putting some of your ideas and advice into play. I’m feeling a new energy for our brand!


      Monique Alamedine has opened my eyes to a new way of thinking. Before I engaged with her i was disengaged with myself and more importantly, my customers.
      Thanks to Monique I now know who I am and who I want to be for my customers and what value I have in the world. .. thanks Monique. .. you gave given me my voice back! Xxx


      I had become so bogged down working in the business that I had lost focus on my goals and target market.
      Your help and direction has been fantastic in helping me re-focus on those important aspects of a business.
      I would recommend anyone starting out with a business idea or product to engage your services – you are enlightening!


      I have seen Monique really come in to her own and create a thriving successful business based on her core values and passion. She is absolutely passionate about empowering Women and helping them overcome their own obstacles to completely transform their business just as she has done. Monique walks her talk and is a coach who has DEFINITELY walked the path before you. When she offers advise it is solid advise that comes from time spent in the trenches doing it herself and not just from books. She is an amazing Woman – anyone who gets to work with Monique is exceptionally blessed.


      Monique taught me how to strike the balance between creative work and play so exquisitely. Working with her I learned how to hustle like mad to get my work and writing done but also when to slow down and take stock. She gave me tools to break my tasks up into manageable chunks so the to-do list wasn't so daunting. I absolutely LOVED Monique's end of year hustle - in 8 days I achieved what I normally get done in a month! Thank you Monique.


      Shout out to Monique for the delightful Zen Hustler ride she has taken me on over the last few weeks. One minute we are aligning with the moon and tuning into our truth and our deeper needs and acknowledging where we need to find flow through the busyness... The next we're getting stuck into nutting out a really good program, doing the figures and doing the Hustle! Loving the crazy, beautiful balance of it all....and Monique's warmth and enthusiasm.


      It's time to make shifts happen, with less push, and more ease + flow.

      This is by application only. Click on the link below to get started.

      I'm Ready To Create My Best Quarter Ever Using Nature's Cycle >>>

      What's In It For Me?

      • In 90 Days You're Going To Kick Goals That Have Been On Your To-Do List For Months - Even Years.
      • You're Going To Learn To Systemize Your Business Around The Lunar Cycle.
      • Learn To Create A Consistent Income By Implementing These Simple Proven Rules.
      • Learn The Awe-Inspiring Mindset Shifts That Take You From Panick To Action Mode.
      • WARNING: You're Going To Get Love, Support AND Lots Of Butt-Kicking To Bring Your Freedom Plan To Life.
      • 90 Day Live Interactive Hands On Program

      • Private Facebook Group

      • Daily Group Checkin Calls

      • 1:1 Weekly Calls + Action Plans

      Who Am I?

      My name is Monique Alamedine, and I'm a Zen Hustler, Entrepeneur, Mum + Freedom Fighter.

      More importantly, I'm a reformed procrastinator.

      I've watched many ideas, opportunities and cash slip through my fingers until one day I had enough and decided I was going to make THAT DAMN change.

      I got tired of buying more programs that 'showed' me HOW to do it, because I didn't need any more 'teaching' - I needed to JUST DO THE DAMN THING.

      After tears, frustration and heartache - I finally found my own little way of doing things (hint it involves the moon), and enjoyed it so much that I want YOU to benefit from my loving ass-whooping.

      I've successfully created two product lines, and turned my life around from mediocre to awesome.

      I'm so excited to help you do the same.

      What's Inside.

      • No More Cookie Cutter Templates

        Create a Business that allows you to live how you choose.

      • Stop Following The Crowd

        You’re not your Mentor, colleagues or friends. It’s time to start trailblazing.

      • Monetize Your God Given Talents

        Get paid to be who you are naturally.

      • Create Your Own Freedom Plan Of Action

        This is the year you finally break the repetitive cycle of feast or famine.

      • Live, Interactive, Hands On

        This is a live coaching program, so everything is in real time.

      • Lunar Business Success

        Align your business planning with the 8 phases of the moon to amplify your results.

      • Use What You Already Have

        Not another program to implement. We’re going to shave down your to-do list instead.

      • 1:1 Up Close + Personal

        Let me personally help you get shit done.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How long does the program run for?

      ATMM requires a 90 Day commitment.

      How much do I need to invest in myself?

      Only $999 per month.

      When does it start?

      Each round starts on or around the new moon.

      Can I buy with Paypal?

      Yes you sure can. You can also pay with credit cards too.

      What happens after the program?

      You can continue working with me if you choose. We can discuss the fees once the program starts.

      Do you offer refunds?

      As this is a live 1:1 coaching program, I'm giving so much personal time + energy to ensure YOUR success. This means that I do NOT offer refunds. If you do the work you get the results - it's that simple really.

      It's time to get shit done, with less push and more ease and flow.

      How is the program delivered?

      This is a live interactive program through group calls, and live 1:1 sessions.

      What makes this program different?

      This is you and me gorgeous. Working together to create a Biz you love. There are no cookie cutter modules, this is live, personal and interactive.

      Can we talk to see if it's a good fit?

      Faw shaw beautiful. This is via application only, so click on the button below to book in a no-hassle chat.

      What can I expect to walk away with?

      Because this is a hands on program, the goal is to complete and/or build momentum) on a tasks that have been looming over your head whilst working with the Lunar cycle. You're going to walk away clearer, energized and focused on what needs to happen to keep your wheels turning.

      How Does This Work?

      Daily check in every Monday to Thursday morning
      Weekly 1:1 session
      Training modules as required.

      We're In This Together

      Every morning at 10am (Sydney time) you'll be checking in with your fellow Lunar action takers.

      You'll get support with setting up your intention for the day, as well as the actions you need to take to hit your monthly goal.

      Think of us as your daily cheer squad and accountability partners.


      But that's not all...

      I want to personally help you, so once a week you + me get on the phone for 1:1 time together to create a personalised plan, and ensure you're taking the right steps with each moon phase to amplify your results.

      Click On The Button Below To Talk About If This Is Right For You.


      It's time to make shifts happen, with less push, and more ease + flow.

      This is by application only. Click on the link below to book in a time.

      I'm Ready To Align + Take Action